RTU MIREA Accelerator

Portal goals
  • Involving students, graduate students and young scientists in research activity.
  • Raising the level of human resources in science.
  • Increasing the motivation of students, graduate students and young scientists involved in the creation of innovative technologies and products.
  • Providing opportunities for participants to implement their own innovative ideas and projects.
  • Establishing contacts between students, graduate students, young scientists and university professors.
Information about the competition

Familiarize yourself with the Regulations on the competition

Areas of the competition:
Experimental and theoretical research projects aimed at obtaining fundamental scientific knowledge.
Projects for manufacturing products, implementing works and providing services in any field of activity aimed at making a profit.
Social sphere
Projects, the purpose of which is to prevent, minimize or resolve problems, adaptation, rehabilitation, socialization, inculturation and self-realization of the individual.
Opportunities technology
Projects aimed at improving the quality of life of people with disabilities. These include projects aimed to develop technical means of rehabilitation and assistive technologies that replace lost functions, as well as projects aimed at improving the accessible environment for people with disabilities, the elderly and people with limited mobility.
System Programming
Projects aimed to develop instrumental software for a domestic programmable logic controller.
Who can apply and how
Students, graduate students and young scientists (candidates of sciences up to the age of 35), authors of projects relating to social and humanitarian branches of science, as well as projects of research groups, creative teams and startup teams are invited to participate, while the age of the author of the project and more than 50% of its key participants at the time of application must not exceed the age of 35.
Formation of an application
The participant fills in all the necessary information on the application and then sends it for expert examination.
Expert examination
The expert council in the chosen area considers the submitted application and takes a decision.
In case the examination results are positive, the application relating to the social area of study is put forward for a vote.
Upon the results of the examination (or voting in the case of a social project), a project is selected to be financed by RTU MIREA.